Canopy Coaching

The Ratings Center offers canopy coaching from Basic Canopy Courses to High Performance coaching. Whether you are looking to consistently stand up your landings or swoop like a pro, we can help take you to the next level.

Basic Canopy Course

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned jumper, the Basic Canopy Course can help sharpen your flight skills and knowledge.

This course will also help you complete the Canopy Proficiency Card for your B License

Course Topics Include

Basic Aerodynamics
Canopy Anatomy
The Flare
Flight Discipline: Management & Planning

We work with each jumper to improve their canopy skills through a series of jumps, with each landing debriefed with video. Slots are limited in each course to maximize the knowledge and learning each participant gains from the course.

Advanced Canopy Coaching

We customize our advanced canopy coaching to the needs and desires of each pilot. Please contact us for more information on advance coaching.


Basic Canopy Course

plus slots

Advanced Canopy Coaching

plus slots

Register for a course

To register for a course, take a look at our schedule and select a course to register online.

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Don’t see a course in your area or have questions? Get in touch and we’ll work something out.

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