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    Welcome to the new home of The Ratings Center on the world wide web! We are excited about the new look that the folks at Inomni have created for us. We are dedicated...

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  • T-Shirts

    Our new T-Shirts are in and look great! A huge thanks to Stacey Curry who designed the shirts. This shirt is inspired by old 80's surf style shirts. TRC's sponsors and...

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  • Congratulations

    Congratulations to Jay Veenendaal for earning his USPA and UPT Tandem Examiner Ratings. Jay first came to The Ratings Center to earn his coach rating, he quickly followed that up with his tandem and AFF ratings. Jay has a passion for teaching skydiving and flying at all levels. He is a full time instructor at iFly Houston, when he is not instructing you can find Jay coaching in the tunnel and in the sky. Very few have shown a passion for flying like Jay and we are honored to have him as part of the team!

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Welcome to The Ratings Center, LLC website, where we believe in the training and certification process. Earning your rating is our priority. We bring thousands of student training jumps worth of experience to you in a friendly and professional learning environment. TRC has trained Coaches and Instructors from all over the United States as well as other countries from Canada to Venezuela and Australia to Norway. Many of our Coach Candidates return to TRC for their other rating needs. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website please feel free to contact us for any additional information.


  • TRC provided everything I expected and more to be a safe and reliable instructor. After his courses I had the opportunity to take my family members through AFF and the STP program. DJ is awesome skydiver with a wealth of knowledge; his courses are exciting and geared to improve our skydiving community one instructor at time. Thank you DJ!!!
    Konstantine Petrijcuks

  • I did my Coach and TI rating courses with TRC. TRC was very helpful with my many questions to make sure I was prepared for the courses. During the courses, you could tell TRC knows whats up! TRC’s courses flow in a logical, organized manner. Information is presented to you in ways that are easy to retain and learn with both classroom training (power point presentations, demonstrations, and examples) and actual practice. TRC is super fun to jump with too! I cant think of a better way to practice for the real thing than a course with TRC. Perfect practice makes perfect. thanks TRC!

  • I had about 900 jumps and was previously a military jump instructor when I choose The Ratings Center for my coach rating. I was absolutely blown away by the professionalism and dedication to student learning. I subsequently went back to The Ratings Center for my AFF rating and again, nothing less than the absolute best dedication to realistic training and emphasis on what students will take away from Instructors. The entire staff is AMAZING and put great effort into passing along the wealth of knowledge they process; The Ratings Center will always get my recommendation! Paul Yeagley D-29153
    Paul Yeagley

  • Passion, Quality, Integrity, and professionalism. That is the easiest way to sum up TRC and its team members. Learning from someone who not only teaches well and adapts the teaching style to each student, but also conveys such a level of passion for safety and learning, is invaluable. My personal real world student teaching success stories are attributed to the level of preparedness I received from TRC. Thanks to TRC and their awesome program!
    Kyle Schoonover

  • I’ve known DJ personally for a little over a year now, and I’ve taken both his Basic Canopy Course and Coach Rating Course. DJ combines a deep knowledge and a unique gift of teaching with an absolutely contagious passion for the sport! Never once has he spoken a word to me that I didn’t need to hear, and never once has he failed to give me his undivided attention when I sought his counsel. I currently hire him monthly for private canopy coaching. Always steering me away from any hint of recklessness, DJ has patiently guided me along an intense and focused path to high performance swooping. No matter what you are looking for to advance your skydiving skills, I highly recommend you give The Ratings Center a call!
    Jeff Holzaepfel

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